Lamborghini Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Legendary Miura

The Iconic Super Car Makes An Epic Return
posted: 06/21/16
by: Chris L
Yellow Miura
Source: Lamborghini

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the debut of one of the the worlds most iconic cars, the Lamborghini Miura. The Miura gained popularity from The Italian Job, in 1969, and it quickly began cementing itself into car history. Widely regarded as one of the quintessential sports cars, the Miura transformed the way people thought cars, all the way from the design to the power.

In celebration of the anniversary, Lamborghini painstakingly restored a 1971 Miura SV, wherein every part was either restored or replaced. Check out the beautiful Miura in green below.

Green Miura
Miura Interior
Green Miura
Nowadays, Miuras are worth a small fortune, and finding one that's in good shape is like finding a needle in a haystack. Just check out how excited Wayne Carini, from Chasing Classic Cars, is when he discovers this Miura hidden away in a barn!
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Lamorghini Miura Unearthed
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