The Jaguar XKSS Makes A Triumphant Return

posted: 11/18/16
by: Chris L
Jaguar Classic

In the height of Jaguars racing prominence, the British car company set out to make 25 of their XKSS supercars for the American market. While the XKSS was still in production, a fire burned down the Jaguar factory in Coventry leaving 9 out of the 25 cars burnt to a crisp.

Jaguar Classic is now looking to do the unthinkable and reproduce the '57 Jaguar XKSS from the ground up, using the same tools and materials that were available in the 50's. This type of craftsmanship gives the Jaguar XKSS a certain charm that is rarely seen in mass-produced vehicles today. These builds are expected to take upwards of 10,000 man hours, per car. Which is why each of these 9 Jaguar XKSS' will likely fetch over one million dollars when they come up for sale in 2018.
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