dream car week 2014

Dream Car Week 2014

The hottest Dream Car Week ever kicks off with new seasons of your favorite shows, brand new programs, and chances for you to share pictures of your Dream Car. Plus your favorite stars have tips, factoids and photos for you right here!

Sneak Peek: Fantomworks Season Two

Special Overhaulin': Top 10 Moments! Top 10 Moments!

show us your dream car

Show Us Your Dream Car

Just use #DreamCar on Instagram to share your Dream Car. Then head here to see your picture up with other fans. Maybe it's a classic or a brand new ride you're saving for - either way we want to see it!

See Them: DreamCars

tech toys 360

Tech Toys 360

Friday, 10|9c

These cars are the latest in technology, engineering, and forward thinking. They're gorgeous, fast, and we won't talk price tags just yet.

Sneak Peak The Corvette of the Future

Car Junkie? Tech Toys Shows You The Latest

wheeler dealers

Wheeler Dealers

Wednesday, 9|8c

Mike find a Maserati for a steal but when Edd gets his hands on it, it may turn out to be problem central. Speaking of problems - you know those moments when he's asked to do the impossible? We've got his Top Ten "Edd-Aches" at 10|9c

Gentlemen: Meet Your Maserati 3200 GT

He's Serious: Edd Takes on the Aircon

graveyard carz

Graveyard Carz

Thursday, 9|8c

Did you miss your Mopar moments? They're back as Mark Worman and his team meticulously restore muscle cars past their prime. After a season sneak peek at 9|8c, watch the guys; Top Ten Muscle Car Moments. We'll have his wisdom here too!

Needs the Right Solution: The Big Dipper

Josh: Isn't It a Slug on There? Mark: No.

What's On Velocity

now! primetime Full Schedule

4:00 AM

Graveyard Carz (S4)

5:00 AM

Graveyard Carz (S4)

6:00 AM

Fifth Gear (S22)

7:00 AM

Wheeler Dealers

7:30 AM

Wheeler Dealers

8:00 AM

Car Fix

8:00 PM

Car Fix 3

8:30 PM

Car Fix 3

9:00 PM

Garage Squad

10:00 PM

Tech Toys: Dream Big

11:00 PM

Car Fix 3

11:30 PM

Car Fix 3

Under the Hood

Three Reasons Garage Squad is Awesome

Three Reasons Garage Squad is Awesome

1} Garage Squad airs Fridays at 9|8c. The team helps owners move project cars off the blocks and onto the street. You've gotta watch that! 2) You want your car to be a part of this automotive rebirth? We'll show you how to apply here. 3) Joe loves the fans so much he's created a list of must-have tools for DIY'ers. You could USE that!

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Dream Car Week 2014

Dream Car Week 2014

Design, innovation, speed, beauty and emotion. They're the reason we love cars and have a devoted a week to all-new special premieres of your favorite shows. We'll have tons of input from your favorite stars here and on-air. Let's go!

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Nominate a Friend to be Featured on Overhaulin'

Nominate a Friend to be Featured on Overhaulin'

Chip Foose and The A Team are looking for people who love their cars and motorcycles and whose personal story is inspirational and deserves to be shared with others. Find out how to submit a story and possibly be featured on a future episode of the show.

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