what's in the barn?

What's In The Barn?

Tuesdays, 10|9c

Timeless and priceless old bikes and antique cars are high on this father and son's list of "must haves". The clock ticks on one rare time piece and two old-timer's cars, bikes, and automobiles.

"300 Bikes in a "Barn:" Um. Really?

We Have To Find The Flag: Who Knew A Flag Was Worth THAT Much!

wheeler dealers

Wheeler Dealers

Wednesdays at 9|8c

Mike and Edd have an unusual line up this week. First they go high end with a Porsche Boxster, then they head to the water with Edd's beloved Amphicar.

Edd's Dream: Meet the Amphicar

The Laughs Don't Stop: Mike & Edd Test The Amphicar

what's my car worth?

What's My Car Worth?

Thursdays, 8|7p

Josh looks at a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS with the LS6 option. Keith joins the fun with a ’67 Pontiac GTO before heading to check out a 1973 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona. Keith and Josh find a 1960 Chevrolet Corvette with a Dual-Quad V8.

THE Muscle Car: Pontiac GTO Judge Ram Air IV 1970

For Cruisin': Cadillac Eldorado Convertible 1976



Friday, 8|7p

We're featuring fantastic convertibles all day, and Overhaulin' will be full of cars that let you feel the wind in your hair and see all the fireworks!

Classic Convertible: 1965 Buick Skylark

Mustang Convertible: Getting to Work on the Engine

steer into sunday nights!

Steer Into Sunday Nights!

Sunday nights we're showing off expert fabricators, mechanics and car fanatics who go to incredible lengths to save derelict cars and return them to their former glory, each with their own unique twist.

Fast N' Loud: Meet The Crew

Chrome Underground: Dangerous Trips for These Classics

What's On Velocity

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Mecum Auto Auctions: Muscle Cars & More 2013

3:00 PM

American Hot Rod

4:00 PM

What's My Car Worth? Season 4

4:30 PM

What's My Car Worth? Season 4

5:00 PM

What's My Car Worth? 3

5:30 PM

What's My Car Worth? 3

8:00 PM

What's My Car Worth? Season 5

8:30 PM

What's My Car Worth? Season 5

9:00 PM


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11:00 PM

What's My Car Worth? Season 5

11:30 PM

What's My Car Worth? Season 5

Under the Hood

Dream Car Week 2014

Dream Car Week 2014

Design, innovation, speed, beauty and emotion. They're the reason we love cars and have a devoted a week to all-new special premieres of your favorite shows. We'll have tons of input from your favorite stars here and on-air. Let's go!

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Nominate a Friend to be Featured on Overhaulin'

Nominate a Friend to be Featured on Overhaulin'

Chip Foose and The A Team are looking for people who love their cars and motorcycles and whose personal story is inspirational and deserves to be shared with others. Find out how to submit a story and possibly be featured on a future episode of the show.

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