wheeler dealers trading up

Wheeler Dealers Trading Up

Sao Paulo is the heartland of the Brazilian car business, a mega-city bursting with cars. Mike makes a pilgrimage to the city which produces the legendary VW Kombi, off-roading in a Willy's Jeep A, and more.

Straight Talkin' Why Would I Buy This Bucket?:

A Vintage Ford Escort: Will This Be A Kid's First Car?

garage squad

Garage Squad

Wednesday, 8|7c

Ron’s classic 1967 Plymouth Barracuda needs a motor, trans lines, and a lot of work under the hood. Recovering from recent heart surgery, only the Garage Squad can give Ron the help he needs to get this monster of Mopar back together.

The Mission: A Garage Filled With Problem Fords

A Smokin' Mustang: Not Like You Think

graveyard carz

Graveyard Carz

Thursday, 8|7p

Mark is behind on his promise to get Tom Partridge's '69 Daytona Charger finished by the end of the month. The crew bands together to do whatever is necessary to fulfill Mark's promise to the owner and bring it back to life.

Looking Back: Finishing the Cuda Interior

Looking Back: Cuda Rear Suspension

dallas car sharks

Dallas Car Sharks

This week, making a buck in the used car biz has Martha getting a Grand Am ready for prime time, Ash camo-ing a hunting truck by hand and Tommy on the prowl for parts to restore a rare 1950 Vincent Comet motorcycle

Your Faves: Chevy Fleetline Chop Top

It Just Got Serious: $3K Drag Race



A 1917 Overland will be FantomWorks oldest restoration, if they can solve this puzzle of rotted wood and rust. Dan buys a 1968 Camaro on the internet,against the advice of everyone at the shop, to build it as a present for his wife.

FantomWorks Fix: Chevy 3100 Door Chevy 3100 Door

Dan Says "Water Is The Enemy" Find Out The Rest Of His Tips

What's On Velocity

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Dallas Car Sharks S2

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Dallas Car Sharks S2

Under the Hood

Three Reasons Garage Squad is Awesome

Three Reasons Garage Squad is Awesome

1} Garage Squad airs Fridays at 9|8c. The team helps owners move project cars off the blocks and onto the street. You've gotta watch that! 2) You want your car to be a part of this automotive rebirth? We'll show you how to apply here. 3) Joe loves the fans so much he's created a list of must-have tools for DIY'ers. You could USE that!

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Dream Car Week 2014

Dream Car Week 2014

Design, innovation, speed, beauty and emotion. They're the reason we love cars and have a devoted a week to all-new special premieres of your favorite shows. We'll have tons of input from your favorite stars here and on-air. Let's go!

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Nominate a Friend to be Featured on Overhaulin'

Nominate a Friend to be Featured on Overhaulin'

Chip Foose and The A Team are looking for people who love their cars and motorcycles and whose personal story is inspirational and deserves to be shared with others. Find out how to submit a story and possibly be featured on a future episode of the show.

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