ready for the general

Ready For The General

Tuesdays 8|7c

Josh and Daren take on a 1968 Charger; Mark and Royal tackle a 1970 Challenger RT. This is prep to begin restoring the famous 1969 Charger General Lee freeway jump-car from the 2005 "The Dukes of Hazzard" film.

Catch Up: Best of Season 3

Mark's Mopar School: Top-Less or Top-More?

 1967 pontiac firebird

1967 Pontiac Firebird

Tuesdays, 9|8c

Dan is a comic book artist who has spent years hoping to raise his Pontiac Firebird from the ashes. Now, it is up to master designer Chip Foose to put pen to page and make this bird fly again.

Special Guest: Handy at Deconstruction

Chip's Vision: Meet Mitra

stars and their cars

Stars and Their Cars

Tuesdays, 10|9c

Wayne heads to California to check out a 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 purchased by Steve McQueen in 1967 now valued between 9 and 12 million dollars. Then he's talking cars with rock & roll greats Nick Mason and Neal Schon.

1966 Ferrari 330: Problems or Opportunities?

Rock Star Good: McQueen's 1967 Ferrari

wheeler dealers lost episodes

Wheeler Dealers Lost Episodes

Wednesdays, 9|8c

Mike has 5,000 pounds to purchase and restore a classic Triumph Spitfire. Edd works away to restore the car to its former glory so they can sell it for a decent profit.

Wheeler Dealer Advice: How-To Playlist

Old Favorite: Ford XR2

second helpings!

Second Helpings!

Hungry for some entertainment this holiday weekend? You know where to turn - Velocity is full of marathons of your favorite shows. How about: Chasing Classic Cars, Bitchin' Rides, Wheeler Dealers, and Overhaulin'?

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What's My Car Worth? Season 4

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Chasing Classic Cars Season 7

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Graveyard Carz (S4)

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Overhaulin' (S8)

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Chasing Classic Cars Season 7

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South Beach Classics Season 2

11:00 PM

Graveyard Carz (S4)

12:00 AM

Overhaulin' (S8)

Under the Hood

Mopar School With Mark Worman

Mopar School With Mark Worman

As new season of Graveyard Carz kicks off tonight at 8|7c, Mopar Master Mark Worman is taking us to school. He's sharing little-known Mopar facts and personal photos every week and fans won't want to miss his insider wisdom. This week: "Top-less or Top-more?" THAT sounds interesting!

Wayne's Back With New Shows And A Top Ten List!

Wayne's Back With New Shows And A Top Ten List!

Chasing Classic Cars is back Tuesdays at 10|9 c. From the classics to cars with a little zip, Wayne's has an amazing car story each week. He's also listed his top ten cars, and we have the photos right here. C'mon. Let's look at some gorgeous cars.

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Nominate a Friend to be Featured on Overhaulin'

Nominate a Friend to be Featured on Overhaulin'

Chip Foose and The A Team are looking for people who love their cars and motorcycles and whose personal story is inspirational and deserves to be shared with others. Find out how to submit a story and possibly be featured on a future episode of the show.

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